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The Value of Alphabet Marketing

Time is Money

In a perfect world, you would have time to do it all! But sometimes, life gets in the way. 
The hours you are putting in are more than what you expected, and marketing keeps falling down the "to-do" list.
That's where we can help.
From social media strategy and media relations, to website analytics and content creation, we provide all the tools, guidance, and support you need to increase awareness of your business.
How can we help you today?

About Me

Bryan Edwards, Owner of Alphabet Marketing LLC

A respected marketing, advertising, and communications professional with a 20+ year track record of noteworthy public relations, media relations, and marketing accomplishments. Imaginative, intuitive, and always focused on the big picture, I thrive in high-profile work environments through perseverance, professionalism, and a desire to do whatever is needed to help an entity achieve its goals.
I love brainstorming and finding new, creative ways to generate awareness and interest for businesses.

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Marketing Services

What We Help With


Media Relations

We can help you generate earned media coverage, including:

  • Crafting press releases for you​

  • Scheduling media events or visits for stories to your business​

  • Designing, creating, and executing a social media influencer program

    • This would involve inviting bloggers/social media influencers to experience and review your business on their social media channels and/or blog

Social Media Strategy

We will sit down with you to discuss your social media needs, challenges, etc. and assist you by:

  • Providing a current audit of your social media channels​

  • Creating a social media calendar ​

  • Generating a social media report that highlights key stats and posts for your social media channels

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Website Assistance

We can help design and create a website for you, or help with your current website, including:

  • Create a site from start to finish, even assisting with getting your own custom URL

  • Reviewing your site from a customer's point-of-view, including what is working, and what needs attention, to make sure your site is functioning how you want it to

  • Researching and writing blog posts for you​

  • Creating a monthly report showing key information about your website, including:

    • Monthly website sessions

    • Monthly pageviews

    • Monthly bounce rate percentage

    • Demographics of users

    • How traffic is getting to your site

Digital Assets

We can produce new visual assets for your use.​ This would include:

  • Digital Photography

  • Digital Videography

    • Including GoPro point-of-view footage​

We will work with you to determine your needs and create shot lists to meet those needs​​

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Crisis Communications

No one wants a crisis to happen, but being prepared for one is the best defense

  • We will sit down with you to find out what are some potential crisis situations that can happen

  • We will then help write up some talking points documents that you can use when faced with a crisis

  • We will work with your team to make sure you are ready in case of a crisis

These are just some of the services we offer. We will discuss which services you are interested in, and more importantly, what you are looking for assistance with. Then we will create a specific plan and checklist of services Alphabet Marketing can provide that is designed just for you and your business.

Contact Me

Need a hand with marketing, social media, digital assets, or just help in general with your business? Shoot me a text, call, or email me any time, any day. I'm here to help!

(419) 366-6001

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